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Krug Grande Cuvée NV Champagne Half Bottle

Original price £150.00 - Original price £900.00
Original price
£150.00 - £900.00
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£150.00 per half bottle

ABV 12%

Krug is arguably the most prestigious name in Champagne. Founded in 1843 and a family dynasty still, it is now owned by LVMH who bought it in 1999, but it still retains its unique character. the signal qualities of Krug are due to the very particular approach and methods used in its production. The house has a broad but discerning attitude with regard to blend and proportion in the cuvées. The unusual favouring and predominance of Pinot Meunier results in the production of highly successful vintage champagne. The Krug house does not follow received adages, but takes an empirical approach without prejudice. Champagne elaboration is an inexact, organic science; every harvest is different and there needs to be on-going modification of process to respond to the changing style and preference of consumers. Oak aged for fuller flavour, the individuality of each version is exactly described through the unique number on each bottle which gives details of the grape, elaboration, maturation and use of great reserve wines.

Krug has produced a new cuvée every year for 163 years, each are not from cross but very selective blending.